Thursday, December 19, 2013

We have a 1 year old

Happy 1st Birthday Isaac! It has been an amazing year with you! We honestly feel like the luckiest parents to have you for our baby boy. You have been a little joy in our home, and we love watching you discover the world around you. You are up and walking now! Just about the same day you started to let go of the furniture, you were walking-- that was right at 10 1/2 months.  You are so sweet and love to be with mom and dad. You are warming up to strangers, but still like to be with mom and dad most the time. We've started going to a little play group and you are getting more and more brave with the other kids each time we go. You venture off for a second or two, and then come right back to me. I really can't think of a better year than we've had together as a family! You have just been the highlight of our lives! I am so glad you're a healthy and happy boy. What a wonderful year my big 1 year old!


Monday, June 10, 2013

It has been forever since I've posted on this, but lately I have been defaulting to old school journaling--which I think I will always love more. Still, I still think this little blog should get some attention every once in a while :) Life is great for the Grants right now. Summer is here and my sweet 6 month old is loving the outdoors. We go on walks around the neighborhood just about every day we can (Omaha had a VERY wet and chilly spring).  I love summer so much, and am always so happy to see winter off…. But this year, not so much. See, I became a mom this winter-- I cuddled, swaddled, nursed, burped, rocked, and lived in newborn heaven all winter long.  It was the best and I didn't want it to end. I will say though, it's only getting more and more fun.  Isaac is one happy baby who makes me laugh all the time, he's quite the charmer.  He really is spoiling me with how content he is-- he communicates his needs great; Clear signs for  food, naps, and diaper changes.   He has gotten so much more verbal and loves to make high pitched squeals and screams. He sits up like a champ, and is starting to eat some rice cereals and baby foods.  He hasn’t shown total interest in those, but once he gets the hang of swallowing I'm sure he'll big a big eater. I seriously can't believe  Geoff and I have been out in Omaha for one whole year.  We absolutely love it here, and are in such a great area with so many good people around us. We still get back out to Utah pretty often, especially  since Isaac has been born. Isaac is a great little air traveler and it is so fun to see him with family members who just adore him.  Its so fun being parents. Everything we do together as a family has this whole new level of fun and excitement simply because Isaac is there with us! Geoff and I  love him so much!

My mom came out for Isaac's birth. We were all so glad when Isaac finally decided to make his arrival--I was 5 days past my due date. Isaac's Nana came out the following week, too. They were such wonderful help! 

Isaac was blessed on December 22,2012 in my parents home. Geoff gave a beautiful blessing, Isaac is so lucky to have him for a dad! It was great to have family with us that day.  

Geoff's sister, Elisabeth is married! This family picture is at her wedding.

Isaac at 3 months 

Enough with the kisses and pictures, mom! 

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Welcome Baby!

Isaac Geoffrey Grant
November 22, 2012
6 lbs 13 oz, 21 inches 

We are so in love! 

Saturday, October 20, 2012


 It's my favorite time of year, especially right now as we anticipate our little babe coming in about FOUR weeks! The countdown is on and it's a very happy time. I just daydream about that little guy constantly and can't wait until he's here-- He's mastered  hiccuping in the womb this past week. I think they're pretty adorable to feel but are probably really annoying for the baby..Geoff and I keep thinking that this month of October is our last full month where it's just the two of us…kind of a crazy thought for us!

Here we are a Vala's Pumpkin Patch 

Our past year together has been the absolute best. I feel so blessed !  We celebrated our 1 year anniversary in Utah back in August. It was so fun to spend the whole day together...  We went on a fun morning walk on the Jordan River trail with my puppy Rexy,  then we headed downtown Salt Lake and reminisced our first year . We visited our cute old apartment off South Temple, gawked at the gorgeous Salt Lake temple where we were married, and then headed up Milcreek Canyon. We hiked around, and soaked in the beauty of the mountains.  It was perfect. Geoff treated me to a yummy dinner at the beautiful Log Haven restaurant too, a fun surprise.  I officially LOVE anniversaries. :) Our trip to Utah has long come and go but it really was such a blast being with both of our families.  Newport Beach, Midway, getting to see my brother open his mission call,  attending Taylor's farewell, and celebrating our 1 year. My brother is going to San Jose, CA for his mission and leaves November 15th.  Can't believe he's going back our hometown.…He'll be wonderful there!  Geoff's brother Taylor is in the MTC now and leaves for Montreal this Tuesday, I believe!   It will be fun to have them both out on missions at the same time.   
Milcreek Canyon 

1 year anniversary! 
 Pic at 30 weeks 


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New and Wonderful Changes!

    Here's our growing BABY BOY! Oh, I can't even express how happy this baby already makes me!!  So far it's been an great  pregnancy.  We found out we were having a boy just a few weeks after moving to Omaha and I am so excited.  He's looking healthy and growing great!  

     I've felt great too…I really lucked out with not getting sick. The only noticeable changes in the beginning were crazy skin changes(my face pretty much starting peeling off). My first initial due date was November 30th, but my doctor here in Omaha has actually moved me up to November 17th!  Geoff and I are so excited to be parents and can't believe this little baby is already well on his way. The past month has been so fun as I've started to feel kicks and movements.  I love it SO much.Geoff and I have started getting nursery things together, that's been so fun.  I feel like time is flying and can't believe that in just a few short months that nursery will be in full fledged use! I can't wait to see that baby. He's already such a part of our little family and we love him and can't wait for his arrival! 

    So far life in Omaha is great.  We love the area we're located in, and are amazed at how friendly everyone is around here.  My parents were so awesome to help us move out. We could not have done it without them.  After our moving truck  broke down on the side of the freeway for the SECOND time, I was fearing the worst.  Just the thought of having to unpack ALL of our stuff and re-load it into a new  truck was unbearable. We waited (or should I say the boys waited) on the side of the  freeway for almost an hour in a half for a Penske mechanic run some tests of the truck so see what was going wrong. His diagnostic computer test showed that nothing was wrong with the truck.  He fiddled with some plugs and sensors and told us he'd follow us to the next exit. After making it fine all the way to the next exit,  the mechanic sent us on our way--and I was sure we'd be broken down another 20 miles down the highway. Miraculously, we did not break down the rest of the way to Omaha.  Major miracle!  Geoff and I had a week to get the house in order, and to explore the area a little before he had to start up at Creighton.   So far, Creighton is great! Geoff is  really liking it, and doing SO well.  Here's home! 
             View outside our front door 

                    Living room

                                   Upstairs's nursery will be off to the right :)  

    I have basically taken zero pictures for the whole spring season, way sad.  We did go on a way fun trip with our friends, the Faddis's-- We went down to St. George and Vegas. We hiked, and shopped, and played  games, it was a blast.  But mostly, this spring  seemed to be  really busy with work, school, packing, and being wrapped in the thought of our little baby on the way!! We did get to spend lots of time with family before the big move too, which was great.  We miss them all so much but have lots to write on about our fun trip out to Utah. I can't believe that has already come and gone! More to come! :)  

Thursday, February 23, 2012

February Happenings!

 The other day I caught Geoff getting home from school looking pretty legit in his lab coat and sterile dental instruments in hand.   It was the first time I'd seen him in this attire, and I thought he looked great so.. I snapped a pic!  I can't believe he's already halfway through is second semester.  Sometimes I'll look over at what he's studying and recognize the material from nursing school....but mostly I am just clueless. When school started, Geoff went around and dropped off mason jars to dental and oral surgeon office's. The dentists were to gradually fill these jars with any teeth they pulled so Geoff could use them to practice on. The jars needed to be picked up so I went around to all the offices to grab them.  In my mind, I was picturing the jars looking just how Geoff dropped them off (nice clear bleach solution with the addition of pearly whites, of course) NOT the case. I seriously should have been gowned and gloved to pick up these nasty, dirty jars. Definitely other things floating around with the less than picturesque teeth.  Maybe we didn't get the bleach to water ratio right? I drove home super slow in fear that the jars would topple over and somehow leak onto the backseat of my car.  I am considering the gathering of these old teeth filled jars my big contribution to Geoff's dental education. For now at least ;)   

My mom made me these cute block letters for Valentine's Day. I hope to one day be as crafty as her. 

Our Valentine's Day was great! We got to see Lady Antebellum and Darius Rucker in concert. Such a good show! These bands bring me back to when Geoff and I were dating. Geoff would make me CD's and leave them on my car when I had to go to hospital clinicals at 5 AM.  Love him...  Sadly, this was the best picture I got of us at the concert. The red tint just adds to Valentines feel, right? 

Here they are on stage. 
 Geoff's birthday was February 17th! He swears by his New Balance 574's. His old pair were just a tad worn out so this was the perfect gift.    
German pancakes for breakfast!  It was my first time making/ trying them and they were so, SO yummy. Super easy to make too, always a plus.  

 Here we are on a lazy Sunday morning...Geoff made us eggs and hash browns. Normally our TV is in our living room but sometimes it just doesn't get better than eating breakfast in bed while watching some Downton Abbey!!